NOAM CHOMSKY: “Obama’s Policies Are Creating Terrorism Around the World” / Laura Flanders

If ever you accused Barack Obama of fearing to offend or suffering from lack of spine, you have to hand it to him now: President Obama is acting more and more like a leader every day, one specific leader in fact: George W. Bush.

Take the recent disclosures about the National Security Agency’s massive spying on the world. The data dragnet mimics the worst of the Bush administration.

It’s hypocritical in the extreme to gather data in the name of preventing terrorism while the administration’s own policies are creating terrorism around the world, says MIT professor emeritus, Noam Chomsky in this  GRITtv exclusive interview.

4 thoughts on “NOAM CHOMSKY: “Obama’s Policies Are Creating Terrorism Around the World” / Laura Flanders

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  2. There is nothing new about governments collecting on its citizens. Our government has been doing this in a concentrated way since WWII–ask the Vietnam and civil rights protestors about it–and with fewer controls than we have today. What is new is the “outraged” reaction we’re hearing and is one of the reasons many in Washington were surprised by the public response–they thought everyone knew. Also new, compared to those less-than-halcyon days of the 50s and 60s, is the amazing reach of information technology today and our increasing dependence on it. Where, for example, is the similar outrage over corporations collecting intimate, personal data and profiting from it?

    I know it is tempting to blame it all on Obama but the fact is he and future presidents will continue to face the dilemma of using data mining for surveillance or not using it and being blamed for any incident that could have prevented it. Try to imagine the “outrage” that would ensue? What is required, it seems to me is a new level of vigilance of surveillance techniques, making sure there is adequate legislation and serious oversight, not the current fig leaf. If all this sounds like a Hobson’s Choice, that’s because real life and the real world is.

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  4. I never thought Obama had no spine. It’s been obvious from almost day one that he’s willing to fight for what he believes in — which is a right-wing authoritarian government with no benefits to the citizens. Seriously, within a few days of getting the nomination, he pulled his blatant 180-degree about-face on the telecom immunity thing. That should have tipped everyone off.

    (And remember, it turned out he was also the one who actively killed off both single-payer and the public option during the period when the Democrats refused to discuss anything else — such as pulling out of Iraq, another thing Obama opposed, or closing Gitmo — because We Had To Have Health Care Reform. And we ended up with Mitt Romney’s old scheme which absolutely guarantees profits for the insurance companies. THAT’s what Obama stands for.)

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