RELIGION: “Treat with Ridicule . . .” / Christopher Hitchens

1017454_581091971929773_1209106017_nChristopher Eric Hitchens (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011)
English-American, Literary Critic, Journalist, Author,
Essayist, Polemicist, and Outspoken Anti-theist

h/t: Religion Poisons Everything

4 thoughts on “RELIGION: “Treat with Ridicule . . .” / Christopher Hitchens

    • I agree that “hatred” is a very strong word, but historically speaking, no matter what, its a far cry from being as bad as how the clergy have treated non-believers (atheists, infidels, heretics – there have been many names).

    • This remark was made in a great speech from Christopher in Canada.
      “Hitch” the Theist slayer, the best orator since R G Ingersoll.

      Off topic Supernova but have not heard from you on RTv for a while?

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