QUOTATION: “We Submit to Authority Because All of us Have This Inward Demand to be Safe” / Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti (May 11, 1895 – February 17, 1986)
Indian born speaker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects

One is afraid to think apart from what has been said by the leaders because one might lose one’s job, be ostracized, excommunicated, or put into a concentration camp. We submit to authority because all of us have this inward demand to be safe, this urge to be secure. So long as we want to be secure in our possessions, in our power, in our thoughts we must have authority, we must be followers; and in that lies the seed of evil, for it invariably leads to the exploitation of man by man. He who would really find out what truth is, what God is, can have no authority, whether of the book, of the government, of the image, or of the priest; he must be totally free of all that. This is very difficult for most of us because it means being insecure, standing completely alone, searching, groping, never being satisfied, never seeking success. But if we seriously experiment with it, then I think we shall find that there is no longer any question of creating or following authority because something else begins to operate which is not a mere verbal statement but an actual fact. The man who is ceaselessly questioning, who has no authority, who does not follow any tradition, any book or teacher, becomes a light unto himself.
– Hamburg 1956, Talk 2

 ~ J. Krishnamurti Online

1 thought on “QUOTATION: “We Submit to Authority Because All of us Have This Inward Demand to be Safe” / Krishnamurti

  1. Well said and true, up to a point. As John Donne wrote, however, “no man is an island.” Like it or not, humans are social animals and at some point there must be some negotiation with society as to which social customs, rules, and morals one can and will accept and which ones we will struggle against. As Bob Dylan sings, in the end, “everybody has to serve somebody.”

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