PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory is Attempting to Steal the Election” / NewsOne Now / Roland Martin ☮

Republicans may be rejoicing after Donald Trump’s upset victory in the 2016 presidential election, but in North Carolina – a state that our nation’s President-elect won – Republicans are pulling out all the stops post-Election Day in a brazen attempt to hold on to the governor’s mansion.

Gov. Pat McCrory lost the North Carolina governor’s race and seems to be orchestrating an attempt to steal it. Not only did Republicans lose the race, they also lost control of the state’s Supreme Court, four to three.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, North Carolina Republicans are trying to add two new seats to the state’s High Court so the governor can appoint right-leaning judges and pack the court. If successful, the North Carolina Supreme Court would remain under Republican control.

INTERVIEW: “Henry A. Giroux: The Authoritarian Politics of Resentment in Trump’s America” / truthout ☮

In the face of a putrid and poisonous election cycle that ended with Trump’s presidential victory, liberals and conservatives are quick to argue that Americans have fallen prey to a culture of incivility.

It’s true that in the run-up to the presidential election, Donald Trump strategically showcased incivility in his public appearances as a mark of solidarity with many of his white male followers. However, it is a mistake to lump the racism, bigotry, misogyny and ultra-nationalism that Trump has played upon under an obscuring and euphemistic notion of “incivility.” And it is simultaneously a mistake to delegitimize the anger that oppressed people feel about racism, sexism or class exploitation by categorizing protests over these injuries as merely “incivility.”

Understanding the ramifications of current discourses of incivility will be one key to understanding the results of the presidential election and Trump’s ascension. Clearly, Trump’s embrace of incivility (in addition to his embrace of racism and xenophobia) was a winning strategy, one that not only signaled the degree to which the politics of extremism has moved from the fringes to the center of American politics, but also one that turned politics into a spectacle that fed the rating machines of the mainstream media.

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WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN RACISM: “White Resentment / Resistance Embodied by White Nationalists / Supremacists not Going Away as America Diversifies” ☮

Roland Martin spoke with MSNBC’s Sheinelle Jones about his recent interview with White Nationalist and Alt-Right spokesperson Richard Spencer.

During their chat, Martin told Jones, the media misidentified the White economic angst bubbling up in America. The host of TV One’s NewsOne Now had properly identified the White resentment and resistance that has risen to prominence as early as 2009 following the election of President Barack Obama.

Martin also explained that “White fear is real” in a changing America where no one group will be the majority and said the angst that has arisen from that fear is “nothing to play around with.”