PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Green Party Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, May Save Hillary Clinton from Her Own Incompetence” / The Jimmy Dore Show / Jimmy Dore ☮

Hillary Clinton has followed Jill Stein’s lead in calling for a recount of the election results.

PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Dr. Jill Stein Has a Departing Gift For Trump and Clinton” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

The election might be over now, but the Green Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, left Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with one last departing gift before ending her campaign. It’s great.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Rachel Maddow Blames Third-Party Voters for Trump Victory” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

Rachel Maddow couldn’t understand why the months of pro-Clinton propaganda failed to get her candidate into the White House. Rather than realizing that Americans just simply don’t like the Clintons, she decided to blame democracy itself and shamed third-party voters, implying they’re culpable for Trump’s victory. Shameful.

GREEN PARTY: “Dr. Jill Stein Responds to The Daily Beast’s Smear Attempt—Crushes Them!” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

The Daily Beast, a pseudo-journalism outlet owned by IAC (a company in which Chelsea Clinton is a board member of) attempted to smear Jill Stein, and it backfired horribly for them. Jill Stein responded to their pathetic attempt to frame her as a hypocrite by pointing out their own hypocrisy, and undisclosed conflict-of-interest to Clinton’s campaign.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “John Oliver Debunked by Real Journalist” / Jimmy Dore ☮

John Oliver attacked Jill Stein with reckless unfunny smears that included criticizing her for suggesting quantitative easing could be used to alleviate student debt. Legendary journalist Robert Scheer, who wrote The Great American Stick Up, a book about the banking system, weighs in on the reality of how quantitative easing really works.

GREEN PARTY: “Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman Condescendingly Wag Their Fingers at BernieOrBust Voters” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

In a segment on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ Bill had Sarah Silverman on to belittle #BernieOrBust voters some more by condescendingly wagging their fingers at them for voting third-party and implying that they’re uninformed. It seems like they don’t get why we’re angry with the DNC and Hillary Clinton, so we explain it to them in this segment.

GREEN PARTY: “Dr. Jill Stein OWNS Biased Fox News Host Chris Wallace—Had Him Flustered” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

Jill Stein returned to Fox News where their biased host, Chris Wallace, did everything to make her look dumb, but she came prepared and completely owned him; and arguably, even had him visibly rattled as he tried to shut her down. She handled it masterfully.