GUN CONTROL: “NRA” / vpro zondag met lubach / Arjen Lubach ☮

There’s something going on in the world. A situation we cannot ignore any longer and we need to address it. Say nay to NRA (nonsensical rifle addiction). From the creator of ‘Netherlands Second’ and ‘Westeros the Serie’s.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: “Feds to Finally Track Police Shootings” / The Young Turks ☮

“The US Department of Justice, for the first time, will keep a comprehensive database of fatal officer-involved incidents, amid rising skepticism around police accountability.

It seems impossible to ignore that the announcement from the Federal Register came late on Monday, just one day before the two-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown — the unarmed black teenager who was shot dead by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. His death triggered protests, sparked a national conversation about policing, and shone a spotlight on the systemic racism that pervades criminal justice in the US.

Until now, the FBI has maintained a dataset which includes information about fatal police shootings. Local law-enforcement agencies can voluntarily submit homicide statistics, including incidents involving police, to state police departments, which in turn send the data to the FBI. But since Brown’s death, that system has been widely discredited.”

GUN CONTROL: “Father Kills Son, Spouts NRA Talking Points” / The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur ☮

A father in Florida accidently killed his son while shooting handguns at an indoor gun range. He blames himself and says it was “operator error.” Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A Florida father blamed himself for the “operating error” that resulted in him killing his 14-year-old son in an accidental shooting at a Sarasota gun range on Sunday afternoon.

“The gun didn’t kill my boy. I did,” 64-year-old William Clayton Brumby told CNN in an interview published Tuesday.

“Every round in the gun is your responsibility,” he added. “When it fires you need to stand to account for it. That’s what I’ve spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error.”

Brumby fatally shot his son Stephen in what he deemed “a very freak accident” at the High Noon Gun Range. After firing a round, an empty shell casing reportedly ricocheted off the wall and fell into the back of William Brumby’s shirt. While trying to fish it out with his right hand, which was holding the handgun, he accidentally fired the weapon at Stephen, who was standing directly behind him.

CNN reported that Stephen Brumby was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital but died from the shot, which struck him in the jugular vein.”

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “There are Ways to Stop Gun Murders That Work!” / RT America / Redacted Tonight / Lee Camp, and Naomi Karavani ☮

This week Democrats in the House of Representatives staged a sit-in to call attention to gun laws. And unfortunately most of the country is still dealing with this topic like conservative babies! Naomi Karavani and Lee Camp discuss this and the efforts by inner city communities all over America.