PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Paid Patriotism, the NFL and Dennis Kucinich” / RT America / Jesse Ventura ☮

Jesse Ventura and Former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich discuss US wars of aggression in Iraq and Libya. Kucinich addresses his peace keeping mission to Syria. Brigida Santos gets the governor’s opinion on Colin Kaepernick and the politicization of football.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “‘Jesse Ventura: On Sanders; Business as Usual for the Democrats now'” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

With Bernie Sanders formally endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, it’s looking like there won’t be a fight on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Many Sanders supporters are against the endorsement. One of them is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who joins “News with Ed,” and says that it’s “business as usual for the Democrats now,” and by endorsing Clinton, Sanders has gone against his anti-big business message.