PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “‘Hard Power’ Budget and Hard-headed Cuts” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

Critics exploded in outrage when news spread about President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, dubbed the “hard power budget.” Many criticized slashing small agencies and programs like Meals on Wheels, the National Endowment for the Arts, NPR, PBS, and more as well as increased military spending. RT America’s Manila Chan breaks down the numbers.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “‘Clinton and Democrats Created Phenomenon Trump is Responding Too’ – Chris Hedges” / RT America / Anya Parampil, and Ed Schultz ☮

Chris Hedges, host of RT’s ‘On Contact,’ joins RT America’s Anya Parampil and Ed Schultz where he worries that a potential Clinton presidency may “remain as tone deaf as the Obama presidency.” Hedges also says that “Clinton and the Democrats created the phenomenon that Donald Trump is responding to.”

EXCECUTION BY COP: “If DOJ Actually Wanted to End Police Violence, They Would Charge Cops” / RT America / Ed Schultz, and Mike Papantonio ☮

Protesters in Tulsa Oklahoma are calling for the firing and arrest of police officer Betty Shelby to be fired after she shot and killed Terence Crutcher while his hands were in the air. For more on this, “News With Ed” is joined by America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio, who says that if President Obama’s Department of Justice wanted to solve this problem – as they have indicated since Eric Holder time as Attorney General – they would bring charges against officers involved in shooting.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Religious Right Will Support Donald Trump” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently spoke at the Voter Values Summit in Washington, DC. The religious right has a lot of influence on the Republican Party, but will Trump get their vote? Reverend Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church & State joins ‘News with Ed’ and says “they do accept him” and will vote for him in November.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “‘Jesse Ventura: On Sanders; Business as Usual for the Democrats now'” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

With Bernie Sanders formally endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, it’s looking like there won’t be a fight on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Many Sanders supporters are against the endorsement. One of them is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who joins “News with Ed,” and says that it’s “business as usual for the Democrats now,” and by endorsing Clinton, Sanders has gone against his anti-big business message.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “GOP Wants FBI Director Comey to Testify Over Clinton E-mail Probe” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

The Justice Department’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s storage of classified emails on a private server is closed and no criminal charges will brought against the former Secretary of State. The House GOP has asked FBI director James Comey to testify before congress tomorrow. Republicans are also trying to reconcile Clinton’s statements throughout the investigation that she did not email any classified materials with Comey’s statements that 110 emails contained classified information.