POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “These Debates are a Farce!” / RT America / FishTank / Lindsay France ☮

Former Green Party presidential candidate and current campaign manager for the party’s 2016 nominee Dr. Jill Stein joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the FishTank and says, “These debates are a farce” and that they were “stolen” from the League of Women Voters by a private corporation run by the Democratic and Republican parties.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “‘Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!’ Chants Mark First Day of DNC” / RT America / FishTank / Lindsay France ☮

In the wake of a damaging email leak, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced out of her position and onto the sidelines of the nominating convention. RT America’s Lindsay France reports there is a definite “lack of unity” on display at the Democratic National Convention so far. France also speaks with Bernie Sanders delegate Jonathan Tasini, who says that the DNC was “clearly was trying to elect Hillary Clinton.” Then, John Nichols, correspondent for The Nation magazine, joins France and says the Bernie Sanders camp “wasn’t surprised.”

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Chaos at the RNC, Plus Leaked DNC Emails Show Anti-Bernie Bias” / RT America / FishTank / Lindsay France ☮

The Republican National Convention is finally over. RT America’s Lindsay France reports from Cleveland with a recap of all the drama that took place, from delegates trying to go against party rules to Ted Cruz’s refusal to mention Donald Trump’s name during his speech. Then Ron Paul joins the FishTank to discuss the political climate and rise of Trump. Finally, RT America’s Simon Del Rosario sits down with RT’s Manuel Rapalo to discuss the latest WikiLeaks email dump, which includes emails from the Democratic National Committee, showing that DNC officials strategized against Bernie Sanders.