BRITISH POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Owen Jones meets Jonathan Pie ‘Identity Politics are Used to Shut Down Debate'” / Owen Jones ☮

Jonathan Pie has become an online cult phenomenon with his political rants. Despite being a Jeremy Corbyn supporting lefty, Tom Walker, the man behind Pie, has made many on the left uncomfortable by offering up some challenging perspectives, particularly on freedom of speech and identity politics. I went to meet the man behind the fictional news presenter to discuss his own political views.

BRITISH POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “The Iraq War, the Chilcot Inquiry and Tony Blair” / Owen Jones ☮

The Iraq Inquiry, led by Sir John Chilcot, could hardly have been more critical of Tony Blair and the New Labour government, which led us into that calamity. Many feared it would be a whitewash but in the end, it pulled no punches. From the intelligence dossier that led to Tony Blair claiming Saddam Hussein could launch WMDs within 45 minutes to the claims that the UK and US had exhausted their diplomatic options, Chilcot eviscerated those in charge. But, of course, to those of us who marched against the war, much of what the Chilcot Inquiry told us, we already knew.

BRITISH POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Don’t Despair After Brexit – Time to Fight for Hope” / Owen Jones ☮

Britain has voted to leave the European Union by a narrow majority. Sadly, many of the things I warned about in my last video have already happened: David Cameron has resigned, the rightwing of the Tory party is poised to take over, there’s a coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn underway, the SNP look likely to trigger a second referendum on Scottish independence, , the pound has tanked and the economy has slumped and there’s been a spike in racist incidents. We have to respect the democratic process and accept the result but we must fight against the most severe consequences of the Brexit result. Now is not the time to mourn, now is the time to organise.

BRITISH POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Brexit: Prepare Yourselves” / Owen Jones ☮

The European Union is far from perfect but voting to leave in the EU referendum could be a huge mistake. A vote for Brexit could have a number of consequences domestically and at a European level. These could include a power grab by the Conservative right, rising anti-immigrant sentiment and fresh attacks on workers’ rights and the NHS. But we may also have to take an economic hit and Europe will be unlikely to want to give us a good deal as it seeks to discourage further disintegration of the union. If we vote leave, we have to be prepared for the consequences.

POLITICAL INTERVIEW: “Michael Moore: Trump is Like the Sound of Dying Dinosaurs” / Owen Jones☮

With the release of his new documentary, ‘Where to Invade Next’, director Michael Moore tells me that a vote for Brexit would be like asking for relegation from the Premier League. We also chatted about Donald Trump’s chances of becoming the next American President, whether Bernie Sanders should carry on fighting Hillary Clinton and why Moore believes Tony Blair is more responsible for the Iraq war than George W. Bush.