POLITICAL SATIRE: “Make America Great Again”/ MoveOn.org ☮

Some of these jokes may be edgy or potentially offensive, as humor can be; and may contain profanity. But they are using humor to the best end: upending Trump and other powerful right-wing and corporate targets — free of the sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia that infects too much stand-up comedy. Just don’t start watching in front of your boss, your young child, or your minister. But DO start watching in front of your conservative uncle!

POLITICAL SATIRE: “Sarah Palin Knocks Self Unconscious Taking Ice Bucket Challenge”

Sarah Palin Dumb as a Bag of RocksEarlier today, Sarah Palin knocked herself unconscious while participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Created by the ALS Association, the Ice Bucket Challenge has participants film themselves pouring a bucket of water and ice over their heads. According to aides, Palin was unaware that the ice bucket was supposed to contain water and instead froze the entire bucket before dumping the large block of ice directly onto her own head. Unconscious, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed that she suffered from a mild concussion but no permanent damage. According to the attending physician, “Mrs. Palin, was lucky to have a thicker than normal skull and a slightly smaller than average brain. This physical abnormality likely protected her from more severe injuries.” Palin’s representatives are using the injury to explain away a viral video of an incoherent Palin. “People assumed she was intoxicated, but that was not the case. This was the result of the accident, but Sarah is perfectly fine now and just as smart as she ever was.” The video was filmed more than a week ago, but her representatives are adamant that today’s injury caused the odd occurrence.

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