CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY: “Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem” / New York Daily News / Liberal Redneck / Comedian, Trae Crowder ☮

The Daily News’ Hillbilly-in-Chief Trae Crowder is ready for some football and not the “politically divisive hot potato” that is the Colin Kaepernick national anthem situation, which ironically has offended people who have spent “the better part of a year complaining about how not great America is.”

“I do agree with Kaepernick about racism in America, but I don’t agree with how he chose to express it, but that’s all it was. A peaceful expression of his opinion. So can we please stop with the death threats and the racial slurs and just get back to what really matters… watching gigantic, freakish men in arbitrarily significant uniforms give each other gradual brain damage for the pursuit of our entertainment?”