ABRAHAMIC METAPHYSICS: “History Lesson: Religion’s Portrayal of ‘Hell’ is Totally Misunderstood” / Big Think / Rob Bell ☮

A lot of us are banking on heaven for ourselves and hell for certain others, but spiritual teacher Rob Bell urges us to think about those concepts as states of consciousness, and rethink the nature of the afterlife.

ATHEISM: “How Atheist Values Help Correct Religion’s Mistakes” / Big Think / Rob Bell ☮

Spiritual teacher Rob Bell believes that atheism is eroding certain religious teachings, and it’s a good thing. Bell’s latest book is “How to Be Here: A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living.”

POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS SATIRE: “If Muhammad Replaced Trump” / DarkMatter2525 ☮

If the ideals of Islamism came out of Trump’s mouth, how would the Left & Right react? If any Muslims do respond to this cartoon, I have a couple predictions:
1. Some will respond by saying that the verses are out of context (standard response), but notice that none of these verses are actually justified by their context.
2. Some other verse will be presented that contradicts one of the verses I used, which proves nothing other than the fact that the Islamic texts in question are contradictory.

SETHIAN GNOSTICISM: “Gospel of Judas: What Does it Really Say?” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

The Gospel of Judas caused a huge stir when National Geographic published it back in 2006. But to this day, misconceptions about this text abound. Who wrote this text? And what does it really say?

PBS Podcast: Ancient Text Discovery Depicts Judas as a Loyal Disciple

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: “Would Alien ‘First Contact’ Destroy Religion?” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

As NASA continues to discover thousands of new exoplanets, humans have increasingly asked: “Are we alone?” If other intelligent species exist in our universe, do they practice religion too? If so, how would human world religions react to the possibility of first contact with extraterrestrial life?