THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: “Guess Where Most of Our Money Goes” / Jimmy Dore ☮

Politicians like to tell you America is out of money but there is never any shortage of funds for bombs, bullets and wars.

NEOCONSERVATISM AND THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: “Republicans Outraged Obama Only Gave Israel $38 Billion” / Secular Talk / Kyle Kulinski ☮

Sen. Ted Cruz joined a group of Senate Republicans on Tuesday in calling for additional military assistance to Israel on top of an aid package the Obama administration laid out last week.

HISTORY: Chris Rodda / “FYI Republicans: Tocqueville Was Actually Insulting America When He Referred to it Being “Exceptional””

If a drinking game had been made out of Republicans calling America “exceptional” at the RNC, the hospitals would have been full of people with alcohol poisoning this week. Unfortunately, and a bit embarrassingly, what these exceptional Americans don’t seem to realize is that the term “American exceptionalism” actually comes from an insult to America, not a compliment.

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