CRITICAL THINKING: “Dealing with Unchangeable Minds” / The Atheist Debates Patreon Project / Matt Dillahunty ☮

A talk delivered in Orange County, discussing how to deal with seemingly unchangeable minds.

ATHEISM: “Why African-Americans Associate with Christianity” / Atheist Experience / Tracie Harris and Phil Session ☮

CRITICAL THINKING: “A Frustratingly Dishonest Theist Caller” / Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker / The Atheist Experience

LOGICAL SYLLOGISMS: “The Beautiful and Ugly ‘Truth’ About Logical Arguments” / Atheist Debates Patreon Project / Matt Dillahunty ☮

The value of logical syllogisms are in their utility – tied to what we ‘accept’ rather than merely what is ‘true’.

MORAL PHILOSOPHY: “A Discussion About Hell” / Atheist Debates Patreon Project / Matt Dillahunty ☮

What is hell? Is it a literal place of torture and torment? Is it separation from a god? Is it annihilation? Is there anything real behind the threats? Which religion’s hell should we avoid? What is this concept doing to people?

This talk was delivered to the Unitarian Universalist Humanists of Tampa Florida in April, 2016.

ATHEIST DEBATE: “Professing Atheist?” / Matt Dillahunty ☮

From time to time we’ll see and hear atheists referred to as “professed atheist”, “self-professed atheist” and “professing atheist”. What does this mean? Where does it come from? Is it just a claim that we’re lying? Or does it tell us far more about the person using the label than the person the label is applied to?