DEMOCRATIC VOTER SUPPRESSION: “Bob Fitrakis: Lawsuit to Get Primaries’ Exit Poll Data Could Prove Bernie Won” / Redacted Tonight / Lee Camp ☮

It’s an election fraud update! In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp interviews Bob Fitrakis, a lawyer and professor of political science. He has recently filed a lawsuit against Edison Research, which is an exit polling company. As you may recall, they refused to release any of the raw exit poll data, even though exit polls and voting results in a number of Democratic presidential primary races were way off, like wayyyyy off, like enter the UN to monitor the election if it were another country wayyyyy off. This is a fascinating discussion of just how much our democracy is slipping.

DEMOCRATIC VOTER SUPPRESSION: “The DNC Willfully Ignored Election Fraud in Chicago” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins, and Lee Camp

There have been too many discrepancies between exit polls and voting results, some of which have been more than 10% off from one another. These exit polls are actually very reliable and they’re used to determine the validity of elections. For more on this, let’s go to Lee Camp, the host of Redacted Tonight on RT America – Lee has been covering the issue of election integrity and has uncovered some pretty shocking information.

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