BIGOTED CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACY: “Why Do White Churches Continue to use Debunked White Images of Jebus and Other Biblical Personalities?”

"The Last Supper"Leonardo da Vinci painted his version of “The Last Supper” from 1494-1498. It’s famous. It’s special. It’s important. What it isn’t, is historically accurate … at all. Using only European models, in a European environment, da Vinci painted a distinctively European portrait of what was actually a very Palestinian moment that took place a full 45 generations before the painting was created.
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Deliberate or subconscious, showing these images during worship, displaying them around a sanctuary, showing them as singers sing, is a form of racism and white supremacy. Jesus didn’t look like that. You know he didn’t. What’s disturbing is why accurate images of him have such a hard time catching on.

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