WESTERN PHILOSOPHY – STOICISM: “Meditations and the Wisdom of Marcus Aurelius” / Academy of Ideas ☮

In this video we examine the techniques that the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius used to help diminish the impact of negative emotions in order to live a more fulfilling life.

WESTERN PHILOSOPHY – EXISTENTIALISM: “Why you Should be Watching Fargo Already” / Albert Camus ☮

Every episode of Fargo to date has been titled after a piece of literature, and characters have quoted everyone from Lewis Carroll to Albert Camus. The literary choices never seem random, thematically commenting on the action of the show. Episode three is named after Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus and feels like a major inspiration for the entire season, given Noreen’s extended philosophical discussion of it with Ed and Charlie in episode five (and Ed’s subsequent misinterpretation of it in episode six). How many TV shows in 2015 can introduce you to the works of Kafka, Camus, and Ionesco?
h/t: Vulture