REFLECTION: “On Suicide” / Madison S. Hughes

By Madison S. Hughes (09.19.2014)

I do not care if you commit suicide; I just don’t! Even if I knew you, I would neither care, nor make any attempt to prevent you from doing so. That is strictly your choice, and yours alone. Suffice it to say, if you did know me, I imagine that I would be quickly crossed off of your Christmas card list with this revelation; however, before you do that, hear me out, then please, cross me off the list anyhow.

The religion of Islam promises seventy-two virgins for the successful act of suicide. Samurai warriors commit harakiri for duty and honor; moreover, Kamikaze pilots did it for glory, and to evade the dishonor of defeat or surrender. Lastly, the Jains defend a person’s right to end his or her own life; for, like the Hindus, they value nonattachment, including nonattachment to one’s temporal body. Conversely, the Christian Creator does not directly address suicide in the Bible; nevertheless—for several specious reasons—Christians claim, even for first time offenders, the act of committing suicide to be an unforgivable sin, punishable by eternal damnation. Do the Christians have a corner on the world’s righteous behavior market—history clearly proves otherwise—or is it possible that when one peels back all the layers of the pious onion, one simply finds at the center a core of self-righteous ego? When the Christian claims grave concern for another choosing to take their life, one can’t help but wonder, is it truly out of a genuine concern for the parting, or is it an unrecognized ego’s firm grip on attachment; I submit it is the latter. In the opening paragraph I requested that you cross me off of your Christmas card list. I would rather you keep your money, and spend it on your loved ones. Why? Well, because I care!

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