WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE BIGOTRY: “Yes, Trump Supporters are ‘Deplorable'” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Hillary Clinton has taken heat for calling Donald Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” but the data shows that his voters truly are the worst of the worst.

WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE BIGOTRY: “Another Study Confirms That Conservatives are Just Low Information Racists” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Another new study has been released that confirms what previous studies had found – that conservative voters are likely to have much lower IQs than their Progressive counterparts, and they are also much more likely to hold racists attitudes.

WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY: “Outraged Huckabee Fined $25k for Using Unlicensed Music at His Hate Rallies” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should have thought twice about using the song “Eye of the Tiger” during one of his hate-filled rallies with Kim Davis.  The Huckster now has to pony up $25k for illegally using the song to spread his hateful message.

WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE BIGOTRY: “Republicans’ Shaming of Poor People Just Blew Up in Their Faces” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has decided to follow in the hateful footsteps of his fellow Republican governors and has started drug testing welfare recipients. So far, there have been no positive test results, but that won’t stop Snyder and the Republicans’ war on the poor from moving forward.