BBC DOCUMENTARY: “The Summer of 1967 – The Summer of Love”

PRIDE 2014: “Apple’s Video of Employees at San Francisco is Beautiful” / David Badash

h/t: The New Civil Rights Movement

RELIGIOUS MALEVOLENCE: “Get Out of The Vagina Business”

Get Out of The Vagina Businessh/t: Daily Kos

PSEUDO-SCIENCE: “A Reparative Therapist Who Thinks He Can Cure Gay People Gets His Just Desserts, Care of A Proud Gay Man” / Stephen Fry

h/t: Upworthy

SEXUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Zinnia Jones / “The Assumed Primacy of Penis-in-Vagina Sex”

“The narrow focus on [Penis-in-Vagina Sex] PIV is largely responsible for the idea that oral and anal sex are “not really sex”, which is both a dangerous misconception, and sometimes an act of strategic ignorance within an obsolete value system. It also serves as a focal point for the concept of “virginity”, a model which fails to describe sexual experience in any meaningful way despite supposedly existing for this purpose, and instead functions to define a woman’s worth by the history of her vagina.”

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